Royal sex scandals, ostentatious decadence. Kings, queens, barons and duchess rubbing shoulders with Industrialists and Tycoons. These were the times fuelled by too much of everything. And it was good.

It was a golden era where the lines between royal bloods and the common folk started blurring. As money shifted away from the monarchy into the hands of visionaries, entrepreneurs and business magnets of the industrial revolution. These by no mean were common folks at all. For these people money was in no short supply, but it was their drive towards breaching the inner circles of the royalties to further attain power and dominance over their competitors that brought the two together:



One side searched for money, the other searched for unstoppable power, it was a perfect symbiotic relationship between the two.

With designs representing the styles of the period, our Collections provide unprecedented access to the decadent yet calculative lifestyle of the era yet pushes forward to new heights embodying our modern times.

Never compromised, quality & craftsmanship are held in the highest regard, it is the cornerstone of our foundation and driving force behind our mission to share beautiful pieces with the world.